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I would like to extend a big welcome to those of you who joined the website!  Reiki truly does promotes overall balance to help you feel and function better in a wide range of situations.  Whether a person comes to Reiki for a desire for well-being, a physical ailment or emotional pain, Reiki provides balance and fosters the natural healing self-balancing process within us all.  Reiki is a gift to each and everyone of us; children, youth, adults, seniors & our pets that can allow countless and wonderful changes to our lives on every level of our Being.

In the Spirit of Reiki, wishing you the beauty of the winter season and many happy memories to enjoy all year long: 

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It is my personal opinion, from experience with reiki, that not all disease etc. in the physical body is attributed to painful emotion.  This is merely brought forward for your consideration.   

"From The Healing Power of Reiki:  A Modern Master's Approach to Emotional, Spiritual & Physical Wellness by Raven Keyes. c 2012 by Raven Keyes.  Used by permission from Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.,"

Healing the Emotions:  Heartache, Grief and Stress

After Susanna's surgery, when I was a part of Dr. Oz's research team at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, I'll never forget the day when he said to us at one of our meetings, "I cannot discount the fact that (making quote signs with his fingers) "Mr. Smith" might have had a heart attack because his wife divorced him, which caused him emotional devastation, leading to his body reacting in such a disatrous way.  Maybe that same divorce might lead a woman to heart disease.  We don't have the ways in which to measure this yet, but I believe energy medicine may be able to help alleviate the kind of pains medicine has no control over."  My work has shown me that painful emotions are often the creation point of illness.  I was overjoyed to be hearing confirmation in the conference room of someone with such strong credentials.

....  As Dr. Oz so aptly expressed, one could even develop heart disease from suppressed emotions. 

....   In recent years, Reiki has scientifically proven in medical and alternative health-care studies to reduce pain, increase memory, and help people heal faster than patients who did not receive Reiki treatments .


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